Grow your business with attractive, effective design.

Dave Harford Design will make your organization look more professional, attract more customers, and be more successful. 

Working with a Graphic Designer is a Partnership. 

Dave Harford makes the process of developing good graphic design for your business a collaborative, thoughtful, and seamless process. His goal is to work with you, incorporating your ideas into each project, so that design works with your specific business goals. Whether working with a large corporation, small business, or non-profit organizations, Dave prides himself on listening carefully to his clients, giving personal attention to each project, and building the vision for a brand into his finished product. 

“Dave was very easy to work with, and translated our vision into the design beautifully.” 

Look more professional. 

Dave Harford wants your organization to make a great first impression. Your logo, and the design of your marketing materials, sends an immediate message to your customers. A design that has been thrown together, or done by someone who is uniformed about your business mission, sends a poor message. Dave brings his 20 years of experience working with all types of organizations to his craft, and the experience of a seasoned professional to each project. Show your customers that you take your business seriously with professionally designed graphics. 

Stand out in the crowd. 

Graphic design allows for your unique message to be shared with your customers, and sets you apart from your competition, quickly and clearly. Dave makes it a priority to get to know your business, and its personality, so he is able to effectively create visuals that convey your message. People remember your graphics above all other forms of marketing communication. 

Good design gets measurable results. 

Your organization’s visual appeal attracts customers and keeps them paying attention to your message. You will not get a prospect to make that call, a customer to stay on your website or place an order, or a donor to write a check if they are not interested enough to learn more about you. Dave has worked with all kinds of organizations and knows how to create a look that is inviting, informative and effective at capturing peoples’ attention. 


Print Marketing Design

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Recent Artworks

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"I’ve been a close friend and client of Dave’s for over 12 years. He has surpassed my hopes and expectations on a consistent basis over that entire period. He is a dependable and tireless professional. His creativity and his execution have always impressed me and seem to be constantly improving. In my business my image and reputation are everything. Without Dave’s vision and creativity, I most certainly would not be where I am today." 

— Steve Pastore, Paragon Capital Wealth Management 

"Dave Harford created, designed and masterminded my company's brand. He carefully listened to what my wants, needs and interests were, and manifested a design and company image of which I am extremely proud. Everyone comments on how beautiful my logo and my website are, and I full-heartedly agree! I highly recommend Dave for his meticulous work and his commitment to detail and quality."

— Priscilla Hansen, Open Door Life Coaching 

"Dave is such a pleasure to work with....he'll do whatever it takes to get the job done. Great design and value...and a great colleague to boot!"

— Stefa Normantas, Green Tree Event Consultants

"I went to Dave with an odd request, I needed a "different" look for a gift certificate incorporating my logo. I am a creative professional so I am quite picky 🙂 Dave listened to my ideas and inspiration and transformed them into something great for my business. He was so easy to work with and stayed within a very reasonable budget. I am happy and looking forward to working with him more in the future. " 

— Vanessa Helmick, Fiore Interiors 

"Dave is a pleasure to work with. I can't decide what's better: his timely and professional attitude or the great designs and ideas he brings to the table! Either way, it's a win for us. He's completely changed our look by listening to what we need. We can't wait to get started on another project."

— Kerrie Robinson. Director of Development, The Animal Welfare Society 

“We just opened an Independent Dental Hygiene office in Oxford, ME. It is a new concept in Maine so we really needed to catch people's attention. Dave listened to our ideas, gave us homework to help us think more creatively and marketing-specifically, and then dove in head first. Dave very patiently noted our reactions, modified his designs, and finally created our very own logo! Almost everyone comments on how much they love our logo and how professional yet fun it turned out. Two people have asked us if we are a franchise - that's pretty high praise!! Brilliant Smiles Dental Hygiene got a head start because it has an amazing logo, beautiful brochures and business cards, and ads in all of the local papers - all thanks to Dave!"

— Tamsyn Frothingham, Brilliant Smiles Dental Hygiene